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Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater

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Introducing the new Lighthouse Gas Patio Heater - a lighter, more powerful version of our global bestselling gas patio heater - now with a heat output of 7-9.1kW.

If you want to heat your garden, restaurant, hotel or bar quickly and effectively, Planika's freestanding and portable option is the ideal choice for you. It's not just beautiful and inviting, it emits no smell or smoke whilst eliminating surrounding airborne pathogens through its sterilising fire and short-wave infrared radiance.

One Lighthouse is perfect for a cosy small garden or terrace, but we would recommend a few for larger spaces for maximum design and heat effect. 

  • W: 400mm - H: 1575mm - D: 400mm
  • 27.5 kg
  • Heat output: 7-9.1kW
  • Max. burning time up to 55 hours
  • Fuel type: LPG
  • Gas consumption: 0.5kg/h
  • Gas pressure: 37 mbar
  • 2 year warranty
  • Flame height regulation
  • AAA battery-powered control panel
  • 360 flame visibility with see-through glass panels
  • Available in black or white

          Click here for the full product specification.


          Click here for an instructional video on how to install your Lighthouse.

          Please note: Videos below display the discontinued 2020 model of Lighthouse. The Lighthouse you will receive will differ slightly from these videos.

          New videos are coming soon.


          Lighthouse comes with a built-in gas regulator and you have two options to choose from: clip-on regulator or screw-on regulator.

          Planika UK does not sell gas cylinders. 

          View our recommended, compatible gas cylinders here.


          Keep your Lighthouse protected with our optional outdoor cover.

          Select cover option above or purchase a cover on it's own here: Lighthouse Outdoor Cover


          The estimated shipping time for Lighthouse is 2-3 days.

          Shipping costs are:

          • UK (excluding Northern Ireland): £19.99
          • Northern Ireland: £69.99

          How much heat does Lighthouse provide?

          Lighthouse has a heat output of maximum 9.1kW. In an open area, it is warm when you are sat or stood close to it, and most impactful if used under a gazebo/pergola/parasol. For larger garden seating areas, we would recommend multiple Lighthouses.

          Can I use Lighthouse indoors?

          No it is only suitable for outdoors. 30% of the space needs to be open.

          Can I use Lighthouse outdoors under a covering (gazebo/pergola or similar?)

          Yes you may - as long as there is a minimum 30% open air coming in, it is safe.

          Which gas cylinder do I need for Lighthouse?

          You can view our recommended gas cylinders here:

          Can I leave Lighthouse out in the rain?

          We do not recommend leaving Lighthouse in the rain as the burner may become water logged and rust. We would recommend purchasing one of our outdoor covers or keeping the units in a shed or garage.

          How long does it take for Lighthouse to be delivered?

          It usually takes 2-3 working days from the day after you order.

          What is the difference between Faro and Lighthouse?

          Lighthouse is more powerful and impactful heat wise, and it is also taller. It also comes with a 5 year rust warranty and can take a 13kg gas cylinder versus 11kg in Faro.

          How many would you recommend?

          For a small patio, balcony or garden, we would recommend at least one unit. However, if you have a large open garden space, usually a few units would be advised to maximise effectiveness.

          How long is the warranty?

          2 year warranty which excludes accidental damage to the glass or misuse. 

          The casing also benefits 5 year rust warranty.

          How should I decided which regulator I need?

          Most commonly Lighthouse sells with a Clip On Regulator this is compatible to all BBQ gas and patio gas cylinders (usually green in colour). If you intend to use red propane cylinders - they require a Screw On Regulator.