What is BEV Technology ?


The FLA automatic burner features an advanced microprocessor that monitors and controls the device, ensuring its proper and safe functioning. The fireplace construction allowed to significantly reduce the burning surface and provide more oxygen to the fire, resulting in a very clean and efficient combustion process without any unwanted by-products, such as smoke, unpleasant smell, soot or ash. The feature eliminates the need of any additional extraction systems to be connected to the fireplace.

The patented and certified BEV Technology® is based on burning ethanol vapours. The fuel is contained in a closed and cooled tank. Once the device is turned ON, the fuel is being automatically pumped to the equalising vessel. Its way ends in an evaporation accelerator where the liquid ethanol turns into vapour. In Planika fireplaces you never have any contact with the fuel. The entire burning process is controlled by the microprocessor and multiple safety sensors.


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